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The average monthly salary of white-collar workers in 37 major Chinese cities reached 7,789 yuan ($1,200) in the fourth quarter of 2017, with Beijing topping the list again with 10,310 yuan, according to a report released by Zhilian Recruitment, one of China"s biggest recruitment websites.

Shanghai and Shenzhen took second and third place. Guangzhou, which used to rank fourth, lagged behind Hangzhou, Ningbo and Dongguan.

Foreign-funded companies offer the highest monthly salaries with an average of 8,323 yuan, followed by joint ventures (8,247 yuan), public companies (8,196 yuan) and state-owned companies (8,182 yuan).

The fourth quarter also witnessed a small increase in the workplace competitiveness index, according to the recruitment website. On average, 31 candidates compete for one position. The index in Beijing is the highest at 86.6, followed by Shenyang at 40.9.

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